Pro feature request – Strip html and short codes from table at export

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    Don’t know how easy this would be but we have a table that includes images as well as short codes to display buttons for web links and email addresses instead of the actual links as the links are too long to display practically.

    If a site visitor downloads the table they get all the short code markup text, making the table unreadable and a little to my surprise, even the fields that just have an image only include the HTML and not the image.

    I’m guessing a start would be to have a function in the table editor that can tell the exporter how to deal with that specific column:
    Strip everything except “href”
    Strip everything except “src” OR since images do not work well in Excel, perhaps replace with some ascii character
    Strip all HTML leaving only unformatted text
    If the table has header row(s) do not strip the header

    Anyway… seems like it might be useful…



    Just adding to this to say we have the same issue… icons, shortcodes, etc. in a table that does not look great when exported.
    In our case, filtering for mailto would not work as the email links are only email addresses within a shortcode. There is no mailto:// text. But filtering for shortcode brackets and text should work.


    Hi @daine

    Thank you for contacting us about data tables plugin issue.

    It was redirected to our developer. I will inform you about the progress.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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