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    Hi guys

    Been playing with the slider (free version – happy to go pro if that sorts the below issue out) and have noticed that if I have a border applied to images via my style sheet, the right border is now shown as it is outside of the calculated width in pixels

    .bx-wrapper img {border: 3px solid #333;}

    I’m able to fix this by going into the jquery.bxslider.js line 421

    width = (slider.settings.maxSlides * slider.settings.slideWidth) + ((slider.settings.maxSlides - 1) * slider.settings.slideMargin);

    Then add a + 3 to the end to allow for the right border, i.e.

    width = (slider.settings.maxSlides * slider.settings.slideWidth) + ((slider.settings.maxSlides - 1) * slider.settings.slideMargin) + 3;

    The same happens to the slideshow images

    .bx-wrapper .thumbs img {border:1px solid #333!important;}

    I’m again able to fix this by going to frontend.js on line 80

    maxWidth = $thumbsContainer.find('li').length * 100;

    Then add a value on the end to cater for the borders

    maxWidth = ($thumbsContainer.find('li').length * 100) + 9;

    While this works any updates will overwrite these so a solution via the settings is really the solution needed,

    Please help me sort this one out.


    Hello @gwmbox!

    Could you send us the link to the page where you added this slider? Or a screenshot with the underlined problem? In this case we will better understand what you mean and will know how to help you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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