RSS feed doesn't work well for data tables.

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    When my blog is syndicated to a forum, tables are not shown, because they are generated as hidden.
    Below is an example. What should I do?

    <content:encoded><![CDATA[<p>I’m writing this post because I want to put some more stuff around dates and times in one place. I additionally teach SQL Server classes and often come up to talk about dates and times, and converting them to string representations. Of course I don’t always have time enough to examine all the cases, so I’ll be referencing this post to my slides as well.</p>
    <p>Next table shows the conversion from date and time to string. Note that the default length for VARCHAR when it’s used in a CAST/CONVERT function is 30. But when you declare a variable as VARCHAR only, then the default length is 1. The longest conversion of a date and time together doesn’t have more than 30 characters and that’s why the default is fine for the dates in the CONVERT function.</p>
    <div class=”spinner”></div><div id=”supsystic-table-11_47684″ class=”supsystic-tables-wrap ” style=”visibility: hidden;”><table class=”supsystic-table border cell-border ” id=”supsystic-table-11″ data-id=”11″ data-title=”DatesConversions” data-features=”["after_table_loaded_script"]” data-pagination-length=”50,100,All” data-lang=”default” data-override=”


    Hi @igormicev

    Please provide the page link on your site with the issue.
    Thus I can see what’s wrong and help you.




    Hi @igormicev

    On this link
    now is impossible to see the table, because no appropriate java scripts connected to it.

    Please clarify on which page link you want to see the table –
    First –
    Second –



    The first –


    Hi @igormicev

    In order to make tables be shown on the page link you have provided –

    you need to connect next scripts

    to this page.



    Hm, not-possible! :)

    All you have to do is the following:

    . . . style=”visibility: hidden;“><table class=”supsystic-table border cell-border ” . . .
    change in the plugin for the style of the tables. Visibility: visibility: hidden; is not needed.

    Just go to and check the Supsystic tables. That’s all.


    Hi @igormicev

    1. You asked how to show your table here
    but not here

    I got your question, but unfortunately didn’t fully understand it. Could you clarify and supplement it. Perhaps you can make screenshots, and provide more detailed description. Then I will be happy to answer it.

    2. About style=”visibility: hidden – we use this style in order to show the table only after it have been loaded fully. That’s why we can’t change it inside the plugin. In the case you don’t like it, you can turn it off with some code inside java script file here



    I think it’s not a good design to have visibility:hidden.
    Think about this, maybe your tables will be better in future.

    My site is being used by other sites using rss, so I cannot do that. It’s not about adding code in the /feed file.


    Hi @igormicev

    You issue was redirected to our developer.
    I will inform you about the progress.


    Hi @igormicev

    Please try to insert next code

    .supsystic-tables-wrap {
    visibility: visible !important;

    inside your blog theme file.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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