Shortcode for other plugin not working inside a cell

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    Hi, I have a paid pro version of Tables by Supsystic. I am very happy with the software with one exception.

    For some reason I am having issues inserting a short code inside the cells of the table. Recently, I have been attempting to use a plugin called MaxButtons to make custom buttons that can be inserted anywhere into the site via a short code. When I insert the short code anywhere on the site it works great, except for when I insert it into a cell of a table created with Supsystic Tables. When I do this it only displays the link as if it is a standard link (no button visible).

    Now I know the MaxButton plugin renders the buttons using CSS, is there something with the Supsystic Tables plug in that is preventing the rendering of the buttons and instead interpreting them as normal links? Please help. Thank you!


    Hello, @john290620

    I tried MaxButtons plugin and created a test button there. Then I inserted shortcode for button in the Data Table cell in table editor and saved changes.
    The button is showing properly on frontend – here is screenshot for you:

    You can try to enable !important option in your buttons plugin: – maybe it can help you to resolve that issue with button displaying.



    Hi Alex,
    Wow, thank you for your hard work trying to help me out! I meant to include a link to the page that is having the issue but I forgot to include it. Here is the link:

    Under “Step 1” on the page you will see a table different water containers. On the right side should be “check price” buttons but they only show as normal links. That is where I am having the issue. I did attempt the !important option which doesn’t seem to have an affect. Any thoughts?



    Can you make a screenshot of your table editor? So we can see how exactly you inserted maxbuttons to our Data Table cells.

    Most likely there is a conflict with your other plugin or your theme. We hope you understand that we can’t test our products with all other plugins and themes that are available on the market, and we can’t control the other developers. Therefore bad code of other plugins or templates can provoke a lot of problems.
    Please try to deactivate all your plugins one by one and check the issue. Thus you will find out which plugin causes the error. If it won’t help, try to switch temporarily to a standard WordPress theme.
    More useful information you can find here:

    Afterwards let us know about the result. This will help our developers to solve your problem faster.



    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    I have attached two screenshots showing how the code is entered into the tables as you requested.

    I very much appreciate your help! Usually most plugin developers say it’s a conflict with another plugin and to contact them. That plugin developer will say its a conflict with the first plugin and to contact them… and round and round we go. Thank you very much for being willing to at least look into this issue! I am overall still very happy with the product.

    I will do what you suggested as far as narrowing down what, if any, other plugin or theme might be conflicting with the tables/buttons.

    In the mean time, I did note something interesting – if I place one of the buttons anywhere on the page outside of the table then all the buttons on the page (including those inside the table) display fine. If the only buttons on the page are inside the table, that’s when I get the issue of just the links being displayed. Does this behavior help at all to narrow down the issue?

    Thanks again for all your help.



    Hi, how did you solve this, I am having an issue trying to fill a cell from a urlparam with a shortcode

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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