Why does my table look like this?

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    I created my first table and when I view it on my site, it looks really bad.


    When I see it, I see that it only shows one column, and there’s a green + that I must press in order to see the other columns. How can I change this, please?


    I’m so sorry for late reply.
    I have checked the table on your site and it looks great. I see all columns in the table.
    Most likely you have checked your table from device with very small screen, that is why you could see only one column with green plus. But that is okay and not a bug – as our tables are responsive by default. It’s special mode which provides proper view of your table on any device – PC desktops, mobile phones, tablets. The table is adapts to the screen dimensions.
    Currently we are working on improvements of this feature. In one of the next versions of plugin you will be able to disable responsiveness or enable horizontal scroll.


    We have released new version of plugin with improvements for you. Please update plugin and check it.
    In Settings tab you will find “Responsive mode” option with which you will be able to choose different responsive mode for your table or simply disable it.
    Please check it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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