Big Table Solution

Lots of people are using our Data Table plugin to create large tables with a huge amount of rows. Sometimes it may cause problems with loading such a big table. Therefore we have added new tool called Server-side processing to manage the problem with large data sets, up to millions of rows!
If you enable this option, then table data won’t be output to users frontend. Data is uploaded by request by little parts, and search and sorting functions processing is conducted on a server.
For example, a user visits a page with a big table, and script uploads to his browser data only for the first page of pagination (cause it needs only this info by the moment). After moving to 3rd page, will be uploaded data for this exact page, then, f.e. user inserted content to search line, a server will make data selection, sort results in right order, will pick just needed for displaying the number of rows and will return it to the browser.
Constraints: by the moment, this option doesn’t allow to recalculate formulas when editing from frontend
You can find the example below
Thus, our new technology have increased overall speed of big tables loading up to 80 percents, what makes huge datatables even more accessible for your clients, business partners, and usual site guests. This fact comes in handy for creating good authority and respect in eyes of your visitors and influences general impression about your site. Your guests will bepleased to come back again!

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