How to effectively manage a remote team with the Supsystic Data table plugin?

Feb 12, 2019
How to effectively manage a remote team

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How to effectively manage a remote team with the Supsystic Data table plugin?

There is a time of digital entrepreneurs and virtual teams. Due to the Internet, people can work wherever they want, and business owners can save on office fees and utilities. But such changes create a new approach to managing the team, getting them on board, understand their responsibility, motivation, and evaluating their work. Here are some tips that will help you to organize all these processes in the correct way.

Keep the communications

As a manager and leader, you should create a space and the atmosphere where your remote workers will be open up to the discussion, know each other and who is responsible for what. So, the first advice – be transparent. Tell your employees about your business goals, achievements, and ideas. You should involve workers in all business aspects, encourage them to share their opinion. Tools which will be in handy:

  • Group Chats (Skype, Slack, etc.)
  • Spaces for collaboration (Basecamp, Trello, etc.)
  • Video or Voice Conferencing.

Focus on project results

Remote work implies maximum employee efficiency. Only they decide where and when to do their job, therefore, you’ve already created for them the most convenient working conditions. But together with this, you should clearly set your expectations and KPIs. When you hire a new person, arrange with him a voice or video online meeting, and tell about:

  • Your business goals for the nearest future
  • Where he will play a role
  • What are his goals
  • If there are any rewards for being successful and exceeding the metrics.

Use the right tools to manage the team

When it comes to remote team management, a proper structure becomes a key component for success. That’s why you need to create a collaborative space for working and share them with everyone in your team. There are a lot of project management systems ranging from completely free to thousands of dollars per month:

  • actiTIME
  • Taiga
  • Basecamp
  • Liquid Planner
  • FreedCamp
  • BamBam!, etc.

Such tools offer you a convenient way to work on projects and manage them. They are all flexible and customizable according to the user’s role. Ok, the next step here is to find a solution for you to remember all the bureaucratic things like employee wages, their personal information, business hours, and so on. For these purposes, you can use the Supsystic Data Table plugin. It helps you to create responsive tables with sorting, filtering, calculations, pagination, and graphs. In the example below, we created a table with such fields:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Office
  • Salary/month
  • Tax
  • Total salary.

WordPress Tables Plugin   Find more information about our Supsystic Data Table plugin in the documentation.

Avoid micromanagement

It is essential to have the right people aboard, who are responsible and have the capacity to work independently while still being a team player. As such, you can avoid micromanagement when the worker cannot make a decision about the routine work. But there is still vital to show interest in what goes on in each remote hub.   The main point here is to find people to whom you can delegate part of the work and be calm about its quality.

Try to create a company culture

There is no secret, that creating a company culture with the remote team is not a simple task. You cannot stay after work and play games, go to an interesting event or bar. But it is still possible! Here are some tips:

  • Сongratulate each other happy birthday or other holidays
  • Notice someone’s good work or ideas
  • Dilute working moments with humor
  • Quickly respond to someone’s comments on improving work, etc.


attention block Attention!

To effectively manage a remote team keep the communications and create a company culture, focus on the results, and use the right tech tools



Of course, managing the remote team is challenging, but if you follow the simple rules, you’ll do it! That way, you can gather responsible and tech-savvy people, who will help you to achieve the company’s vision and goals.

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