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April 12, 2016Data Tables Generator Plugin

Tables are pretty common content component of any website. But sometimes they are difficult to build. Data Table Generator by Supsystic is an easy way to create your unforgettable datatable with many options without any programming skills and just place the shortcode into your WordPress post or page. Data table plugin has an impressive range of features, and we are sure that each of you will find them useful for your needs. Now let’s talk about the most valuable of them.

If your table consists of a lot of data, then you’ll definitely want to use pagination, sorting and even searching for the convenience of your website users. It will give them the opportunity to flip pages of a table, to sort the data by descending or ascending order. And when they don’t have much time to look through all of your table, they can just enter the necessary information into the searching field and quickly find it. Isn’t it great? These features can save much time. And we know that time is money in our modern world.

Also you can allow users to save your table or even print it. Just find the Frontend Export feature and choose the formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, Print). Your website users will see the corresponding buttons near the table and will be able to download it in these formats or print it. Moreover to PDF or print you can append your company’s logo, which is very useful because it represents your business, and involuntarily will be memorized by customers. Try to download PDF or print the below table and check the logo.

The other option worth mentioning is Import of such files as SCV, XLS, XLSX and Google Spreadsheets. Now you don’t need to waste your time creating a table in Data Table plugin, if you already have a ready one on your computer. You can simply import it into WordPress plugin and just paste the shortcode on a website. Similarly you can export a table from Data Table Plugin to your computer using the appropriate formats (CSV, Excel, PDF).

Additionally if you suppose that your site will be viewed from different gadgets, then you will be interested in Responsive Mode feature. Data Table Generator can offer you the following responsive modes: standard, automatic column hiding, horizontal scroll or you can disable responsivity at all, if you don’t need it. Standard responsive mode situates columns under each other with one cell per row, if the table content doesn’t fit. Automatic column hiding collapses columns from right to left. Horizontal scroll adds a scrollbar when the table overflows a parent container width. If you disable responsivity a table will have a default layout. You can resize the webpage to see different responsive modes in action on the following tables:


Along with the above mentioned features Data table plugin allows to insert a picture, link or a comment to the chosen cell. In the below table you can see comments in “What” column, just hover the mouse on its content.

You can set the format for a row as well. It might be very useful when working with currency, date or percents. Furthermore you can set editable fields in your table. This feature comes to help when you use formulas. For example your business is connected with refurbishment and you show the prices for your services in a table. If you set the editable field, a future customer can input the area size of his house and the price will be calculated for him. We think it’s very helpful, and you? Try this option in the below WordPress table (“Square feet” column).

In order to visualize your table you can add Google Charts. Data Table Generator by Supsystic allows to create quickly and easily different types of diagrams and charts. You can read more about that in Data Table with Google Charts

Great news! You can use CSS editor to create the unforgettable style for your tables. With this feature you can edit the tables in different ways. Even if you have little knowledge in CSS and other programming skills you still can do it, as it is no so complicated. Check the below table with shadow and rounded corners, made with the help of CSS editor.

As you can see Data Table by Supsystic is a perfect helper in creation of big range of various tables. It allows you to process and manage SEO friendly data tables quick and easy. Data Tables plugin for WordPress is able to structure information and can be adjusted for every need. There are many ways of functional and visual customization of the tables, that improve site design and let modify it to suit any different individual or task.
Learn more about WordPress Data Tables Generator by Sypsystic.

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