Protect and Brand Your Content

Apr 03, 2017
Protect and Brand Your Content

Protect and Brand Your Content

When you share pictures on the website – you can place watermark on your images or avoid it. Usually, websites sharing original and unique images prefer to use watermarks while other resources contain mostly non-original visual content and give up on placing watermarks. If you are not a professional photographer there are two meaningful advantages you get from placing watermarks:

  • Branding
  • Content protection

protect your images with gallery watermark


You surely have made at least once a brief search in Google Images. And you surely have seen series of images with watermarks going along after you entered search query. And most of you followed the the links to the ages these pictures are placed on. Moreover, when you see website’s name or logo on a picture it surely increases brand’s awareness and even citation.

Content Protection

It is fair to want to be mentioned if your content is shared or user on a foreign resource. However, this is something we rarely meet today – especially, when it is coming to images. So in order to ensure basic protection of your content you can place watermarks. However, watermarks can be removed if image is processed in graphical editors, so it only can make it a bit harder and longer to steal your content. Using Gallery by Supsystic you can add watermark on each image in your gallery with Watermark PRO feature. This helps you protect your photos from theft and make them unique on the Internet. This is a quick and easy way to get photos watermarked. You don’t need spend a lot of time and use powerful applications to do this. You don’t need to be high technical skills person because this option was created for everybody. Mentioned above reasons are meaningful enough to place watermarks on your images, so now it is time to find out how to place it.

The Best Way to Place Watermark on Your Image

  1. Use your logoYour logo is your the best watermark. It is usually better to place it on the bottom right/left of the photo, so that it is remains visible but still doesn’t doesn’t distract attention from the image.
  2. Make it transparentTransparent watermark is always better than solid one especially if your logo is designed in dark or heavy shaded colors.
  3. Mix wellWatermark should mix well with an image. Do not hesitate to change watermark’s color if its color-grade doesn’t comply to the image.
  4. Adequate sizeWatermark shouldn’t be too big and it shouldn’t cover essentail or meaningful object on an image.
  5. One watermark is enoughDo not place more than 1 watermark – it s distracting and annoying.
  6. Text watermarksIt is better to use white color for text watermarks with 50-70% transparency.
  7. SymbolsUse ALT+xxx special symbols for text watermark if you want to make it look original.

Photo Gallery plugin makes your work with watermarked images easier and faster. Read more details about Watermark feature of Supsystic plugin.

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