A/B Testing

A/B split testing is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates and learn more about your audience, but it is still underutilized by many otherwise very switched on, online marketing professionals. This is often because any form of testing is wrongly assumed to be very technical, time-consuming and difficult to implement; however this is just not the case.

A/B testing, provided by Supsystic plugins, is a simple way to test the validation of one or another contact form. The marketing and design if each form plays a great role for each user, so this unique feature of supsystic plugin helps you to choose the one you personally need. You can create and change literally everything from the color to the site, template, design etc. Choose your personal style with us and increase the number f your customers from today! Changing of each element can show you the real results!

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing does pretty much what the name suggests, it tests a control, version A, against a different version, version B to measure which is the most successful based on the metric you are measuring.

In the online world, A/B testing allows you to understand the differences between version A and version B of a page/element or plugin. This helps you to understand the taste of audience, psychological moments of marketing, while you monitor visitor actions to identify the version that gives the highest conversion rate. A conversion rate is a rate at which visitors perform desired action on your site. By testing with live visitors on your site you learn from real users which experience they prefer.

A/B Testing provided by the Contact Form by Supsystic

A/B test in WordPress Contact Form plugin involves testing two or more versions of your contact form box — an A version (original) and a B versions (the variation with one/two, no matter how many different details) — with live traffic and measuring the effect produced by each version on your conversion rate. Start an A/B test by identifying a goal for you then determine which contact form on your site gives you more customers and the height conversion rate of the amount of your customers. The task for you is only to looks through this data, which would be maximum productively gathered in the most minimalistic and user-friendly way. A/B testing is a Pro feature of Contact Form plugin by Supsystic but it is one of the most useful tools ever.

For example, imagine a blog, that publishes the world news. The blog’s ultimate goal is to get the information about its auditorium and check their contact data, and in some time – increase their popularity.

The boxes on your contact form element would be different for different visitors and the button “Send” will be the first, which attracts their attention. Let us assume that making the button more prominent on this plugin contact form would lead to more clicks and therefore more customers in your data. Using A/B Testing of Сontact form plugin сreate your first testing contact form (let’s call it an original) and set (for example, the red) color for the button, then save the test.

Another thing that affects on the percent of those who submit the form, is the number of fields that must be filled. So we can suppose that reducing to the minimum information which must enter the potential customer, would lead to more info in your data. Create one more test version of your Contact form and left only fields Name and Email, then don’t forget to save the changes.

Thereafter all visitors to the blog/site or your WordPress store are bucketed into a variation. They are equally divided between the original with a red button, version 1 without additional fields except two and the original contact form. A/B testing feature of Contact Form by Supsystic measures the number of visitors who saw each version of the each form box and the number of visitors who filled it.

Once enough visitors have run through the test, using the Statistics, we can see the results of A/B test – on the graphs, you have the ability to observe the increase of people, who sent their forms, also it allows you to know as a percentage of how many people react positively to each of contact forms.

Graph of the effectivness of Contact Formes

On the graph you can see that approximately with the same number of views of all contact forms, the number of successfully send forms (and this means, the number of contacts in your data) is much higher in test versions than the original contact form. Especially well observed the growth of submitted forms in version 1 of the contact form.

Constantly testing and optimizing your contact form on your WordPress site, you can increase the number of inform boxes in your data and increase the potential area of your customers’ audience. The Contact Form plugin by Supsystic allows you not only to increase the number of your constant clients, but also to collect the data with all their addresses, phone numbers and emails in one organized table. Keep in touch with them and be organized at the same time!

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