Change field border color with round shape

By making some small changes in CSS you can edit your fields borders color and make it with round shape at Contact Form by Supsystic.

To change color follow these steps:

  1. Open your Contact Form settings and find “CSS/HTML code” tab:
    Contact form CSS
  2. In the “CSS code” window find this line:

    Contact form CSS editing and change it to, for example, this border: 1px solid #00FF00;where #00FF00 is hex code of the color you chose.
    You will get this result (borders are green):
    Contact form green border

To make shape of the fields round, in the “CSS code” window change this line:

Contact form CSS border editing

to this – border-radius: 8px;, where 8 – is the value of radius.
The result will be looks like:

Contact form rounded border

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