Conditional Logic

Simple Contact Form is a great way to get a feedback from your customers and increase the level of your service. However sometimes there is a need in more sophisticated forms with complex fields and aims. Form now on Contact Form by Supsystic lets you easily create different forms with conditions to meet the needs of the most demanding customer.

So what is Conditional Logic in WordPress Contact Form? It is the ability to show certain fields, depending on the value of some other fields. It’s a great way to make complex forms more compact, and present the user with only the information he is interested in.

There is a special tab in Contact Form by Supsystic – Conditional Logic, where you can set different conditions for several or even all your fields. Let’s look in more detail what opportunities you have on this tab:

  • At first click on Add New Conditional Logic button;
  • Here you can set condition for any field or user.
    1. If you need to set condition for a Fields – just select Field in the first select-list, choose the required field (from those, that you’ve already created in your form), select condition. There are such conditions:

      • Equal
      • Like
      • More
      • Less

      After that insert the value.

    2. If you need to add condition to user – select User in the first select-list, select condition. There are the following conditions:

      • From
      • Language
      • URL

      After that insert the value.

Conditional Logic for User

You can set several conditions linking them with condition OR or AND.

  • The third step is creating an action. Here you can also choose from “Field” and “Redirect” actions.
    1. If you need to creat Field action – select the required field (from those, that you’ve already created in your form), and set the action. Here you can find the following actions:

      • Show
      • Hide
      • Set Value
      • Add Value
      • Subtract Value
      • Add Currency
      • Subtract Currency
    2. If you need to create Redirect action – just add URL and check whether you want to redirect after submit option.

Conditional Logic 'OR'

Don’t forget to save the settings of your Contact Form and enjoy the result. Below you can check the example of Contact Form by Supsystic with Conditional Logic, which counts the price based on the filled fields.


All you need is coffee

Just enter your name and phone number, select which drink would you like to have. If you select “yes” radio-button in “Do you want a piece of cake?” field – the field “Choose a cake” will appear. Here you can choose which kind of cake you want. The field “Subtotal” counts the sum for your order (drink and cake). If “Subtotal” is more than $10 – delivery would be free. If “Subtotal” is less than $10, delivery will cost $3 and “Total” field will show the sum of “Subtotal” + “Delivery”.

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