Import Subscribers

In the case you want to import your subscribers to Newsletter follow the next instruction:

  1. Convert your Excel file to csv format.
  2. Open Newsletter plugin at your WordPress Admin area.
  3. Go to Subscription Lists tab and click Add List button.
  4. Add Newsletter list

  5. Type your new list name and press OK.
  6. Click Upload CSV button.
  7. Import Newsletter Subscribers from CSV

  8. Save your list.

Also you have ability to import your subscribers from MailChimp service. All you need is to follow next steps:

  1. Go to Subscription Lists Tab and click Add List button.
  2. Select Import Subscribers from other services or plugins by clicking on Import Tool.
  3. Import Newsletter subscribers from other services

  4. Copy your API key from your MailChimp Account (My Account->Extras->API Keys).
  5. MailChimp Api keys

  6. Paste your API key to the field of Newsletter plugin:
  7. MailChipm Import to Newsletter

  8. Choose Lists of subscribers from your MailChimp service.
  9. Enable Import with Lists option and Newsletter plugin automatically create new lists with your MailChimp lists name. Also here you can select Do not duplicate Lists names.
  10. Newsletter Import with MailChimp Lists

  11. If you disable Import with Lists option, you need to choose lists from Import to List tab.
  12. After finishing all your settings press Start Import button.
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