Getting through Spam Filters Successfully

There are many reasons why you may be labeled as a spammer by spam filters. To avoid this unpleasant situation follow next rules:

  • Use Newsletter Subscribe Forms to create your own, authorized subscriber list of subscribers that won’t mark your news a spam from the first letter.
  • Provide dead-simple way for subscribers to unsubscribe from your Newsletters, which you can add by new Unsubscribe block.
  • To make your Subscribers know you and don’t move your letter to the spam folder create your own recognizable design with Newsletter Drag and Drop Builder and use Automated Newsletters to keep in touch.
  • You may like to use Bold / Italic and various family fonts editions that are widely provided in Newsletter Template Builder for your Newsletter texts to distress important information, but don’t make more then 2 formatting in one paragraph in order not to attract attention of spam filters.
  • For every email box spam filter provided by Google, Yahoo etc. is very important where emails send From – try to keep it stable. By the way, you may set the Send From Email on Send Options tab of your Newsletter plugin. And, additionally, apply for their Whitelists to path through them easily in the future.
  • Use plain HTML text versions to gain credibility of major email service providers for your mailing. HTML text versions for your Newsletter is turned on by default, but you can change it in Settings -> Disable HTML Emails content type.
  • Eschew risky words, that were labeled as spam triggers. Like free, unbelievable, Dear, Viagra.
  • Don’t forget to check your mailing and domain reputation regularly with Sender Score.
  • For checking Spam Score: using SPF and DKIM technologies go to Mail Tester.
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