Subscribers Login Settings

Thinking all the time about improvements, we make new versions of plugins every day. Every option of it are required accordingly to the needs of comfort for both backend and front-end users.

So by default, after activation of Newsletter Plugin creates a special page. It’s a page of login form for Newsletter subscribers personal cabinet – Subscription Settings. You, as administrator of WordPress admin area, can rename it and place somewhere on your site in order to let your Newsletter subscribers be able to login into theirs personal cabinet.

Subscription Settings

Personal cabinet is a very beneficial feature user can do here most important things like:

  • change his/her email address to the actual or most needed one right for this subscribe list;
  • unsubscribe from one or all subscriber lists and confirm changes.

How does it work? Newsletter Subscriber comes to the login page, enters there his/her email address. After several moments, subscriber get an email from your site with text that are written in the Settings field Subscribers Login Email Text, that includes by default link page to the personal cabinet of current user.

Edit Subscription Settings

When he or she follows the link, it leads to the personal cabinet where is possible to change email or unsubscribe from mailing.

Subscription Settings in Personal Cabinet

Also it’s permitted for you to change the Subscribers Login Email Text and Subject as you wish.

Subscribers Login Email

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