This section is made for you to display your Newsletters Subscribers. Here you can search by Subscribers name or id and see the next parameters:

  • Column Email demonstrates subscribers with emails.
  • Head of the column Subscribed to contains the name of the list that subscriber was committed to.
  • Joined on – indicates the time when user become a subscriber to the one of your lists.
  • Id – serial number of Subscriber accordingly to the time of registration.

If you are looking for a certain object use arrows up and down near “Subscribed to” and “Email” in order to range them by alphabet or opposite order. The same with ‘Id’ and “Joined on” – range them by increasing or decreasing sequence.

On the left you can see checkboxes, tick some of them to make common operation – delete Subscribers. Click on the line under Email or Subscription List to edit the data.

There is a pagination setting window with numbers in the right corner. Select there a quantity of Subscribers you want to be shown on the one page.

Newsletter Subscribers

In editing mode of subscriber, you can:

  • Change his/her Username and Email
  • Enable or disable Status of getting mails
  • Add or delete subscribers List he/she is committed to
  • Save last info or Delete Subscribe

Newsletter Subscribers Edit

In Subscription List you can edit

  • it’s Name
  • Description
  • Import new Subscribers manually
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Read more about Subscribers Import in this article.

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