Front-end Editing Pro feature allows you to create  tables that can have editable cells . Front-end editing is designed to allow editing of individual fields for users in a table. The most common case is  simply to click on the cell you want to edit, fill the data and complete. This will save the data, and the row will be immediately updated.

New incredible ability of editable field – Pro feature – Drop Down Bar (List). Let your users see the new result of your decision or avoid mistakes on the front-end editing easily. Drop Down Bar editable fields is the answer. Also you can use formulas inside Drop-down list and enable Save Front-end Fields. Thus the next user will see changes of the previous one. If you want to track logged in users editable drop-down list results – use History Tables for this purpose.

So you can see how drop down bar (list) works. Just click on the experience years to set the other term and see related salary.

In order to create Data Table with Editable fields and Drop down list you need:

    1. On the left navigation menu click Add new table.
    2. Enter the name, choose the number of rows and columns.
    3. Click OK button.
    4. Open Editor tab in the table parameters.
    5. Add data to the WordPress table.
    6. To add Dropdown Bar list choose the cell and on the editor panel click Add drop-down list for selected cell to change cell value on front-end. Click Add options to create a new variant for the list. Fill it in and click Apply.
    7. To add Editable fields, choose a cell, row or column you want to make editable for users and click on Add editable field button.
    8. Set other data table properties and settings.
    9. Save changes.
    10. Copy the shortcode and paste it the editor tab of the new post. Publish and Voila!

Important! After changing the data of table don’t forget to click “Save” button.

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