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Editable Fields

Using editable fields in your table allows users to change data in the table. Follow next instruction to make this possible:

  1. Go to Editor tab in the table you need to change.
  2. Choose a cell, row or column you want to make editable for users.
  3. Click on Add editable field button:
    Data Tables Add editable fields
  4. Cells which are editable now will have green mark in the top left corner. Data Tables Editable fields

Now, when your users open the page or post with this table they can change cells which you made edidable after they click on them.

Data Tables edit Editable field

With Data Tables Generator PRO you can save data to the table through editable fields. For this you need to:

    1. Go to Settings tab of the table and find Features section.
    2. Check Save Editable Fields:

Supsystic Data Tables Save Editable Fields

  1. If you need, you can also allow to Use Editable Fields only for logged in users by enabling this option.

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Here you can see an example below: try to edit Salary cell:

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