Matas Price Table

Price tables plays an important role for every company or business owner, who offers products or services by itself or himself. They are a challenging for both design and usability standpoint. They must be simple but at the same time clearly differentiate features and prices of different products or services. While tables are being simple, Is it possible for them to demonstrate high efficiency? No doubt, we can prove it! Plans price table offers the solution which unites simplicity, usability and great bright design inside itself!


Choose your plan

Fendor etum victe

Pri omittam suscipit

Ridens possit prode

Honvenire voluptatu

Per in nihil apparen

Zril populo doctus

Sedexci latine


$ 19.99


Billed Annually


$ 4.99


Billed Annually


$ 2.99


Billed Annually

Pricing Table Plugin


WordPress pricing tables plugins are vital when it comes to offering services. They create convenience for users to display the services and attach prices to them as well as making packages. The WordPress pricing table plugin by Supsystic can be very helpful to increase conversion rate on your website or eCommerce store.

Price Table WordPress plugin by Supsystic can make your site bright and really effective. We show you the real case – different templates and themes for each site design and style. Literally, most of them can be changed whatever you want or you can use it in its own size and way. Change everything or stay with our design. By the way, it’s very easy to customize it – you don’t need to touch any code line. You don’t need ask to help programmers or IT specialists! The navigation, arrows and tons of options are very understandable and clear for an average client!

Plans price table is beautiful and clear, bright and colorful. In addition it has a really unique design which can help you to make your own style! We have done a great job of subtly emphasizing the plan we’d like you to sign-up for with different colors like red, orange and violet, that give it depth. In the end of the plans price table we put a button with call to action – the text there you can change, of course!

As soon as you see the Plans price table from the Price Table WordPress plugin by Supsystic, your eye is drawn to the professional plan from the high letter P. Every other option is grayed-out and the button in the end is even highlighted with another color. Every option is highlighted by a long white arrow so the customer can easily separate each product visually! No matter the plan you want, every customer will sign up it or buy your product very quickly! This is a really neat software for your site development and the thing without which you can’t develop it in the cruel modern world!