Table and diagrams interaction

Data tables of numbers can be very informative but they can lack visual impact. Especially statistic data, results of scientific experiments, for graphical methods of research and many others.

With Data Table WordPress plugin Generator you can demonstrate both, data table and charts, which interact with each other.

To display dynamic of changes, make use of Front-end Editing Pro feature and create a table with front-end editable fields or fields with a Dropdown list.

Simply click on the cell you want to edit, fill the data or select it from the drop-down menu and complete. This will save the data and the row will be immediately updated. Also, the charts and graphs updated automatically once the new data has been added.
Check this example in action and try different data to see how flexible the Table and diagrams interaction is.

For correct work, please, use only numeric values to see the changes.

WordPress Tables Plugin


In order to create interacting Data Table with Charts and Diagrams you need:

  1. On the left navigation menu click Add new table.
  2. Enter the name, choose the number of rows and columns. Click the OK button.
  3. Open the Editor tab in the table parameters.
  4. Add data to the WordPress table.
  5. Add Editable fields for selected fields or Add Drop-down Bar list. Choose the cell and on the editor panel click Add drop-down list for selected cell to change cell value on front-end. Click Add options to create a new variant for the list. Fill it in and click Apply.
  6. Enable Save Front-end Fields to see the previous user’s changes.
  7. Create charts or diagrams you need.
  8. Set other data table properties and settings.
  9. Save changes.
  10. Copy the short-codes of the data table and chart/diagram and paste in the editor tab of the new post.