Sorting, Searching, Pagination

Exploring tables have many advantages. Usually, tables consist of huge amounts of data: overage 10 columns of main parameters and hundreds of rows of several pages. No doubt, tables are best for showing info accurately, but what to do if they really big? How to find what you need? Our Data Table Plugin by Supsystic knows how to solve this question.

Data Product Generator with a Sorting, Searching and Pagination features provides users better navigation on website, increasing the user experience for your visitors.

For some cases you need to compress table to exact number of rows, or choose the amount of rows yourself? Pagination option of Data Table Generator can easy manage with such kind of requests. This function allows to minimize table without removing data and divide table on digital pages, which you can see and click on if it’s demanded.

Search option is a lifesaver if your table contains endless columns and rows. Searching a table is one of the most useful options, and Data Tables Generator provides a number of methods: global search and search for each individual column. 

Enable Table Sorting option, choose the sorting order: Ascending or Descending and display data in an exact order you want.

WordPress Tables Plugin

In order to create such amazing Data Table with Search, Sort and Pagination options you need:

    1. On the left navigation menu click “Add new table”.
    2. Enter the name of data table and choose the number of rows and columns.
    3. Click “OK” button.
    4. Open “Editor” tab in the table parameters.
    5. Add data to the WordPress table.
    6. Open “Settings” tab.
    7. Enable “Header” and “Footer” options in the “Table elements” section to freezing the header row above and below the table entries to displaying ordering buttons.
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  1. Enable “Sorting” option in the “Features” section to activate table sorting. Choose the “Sorting Order” and “Sorting Column” to apply sort order.
  2. Enable “Searching” option in the same section to activate search by the table.
  3. Enable “Pagination” option in the same section and set the Pagination List Content and Pagination Size.

Set all necessary properties and settings.

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WordPress still has no built-in table creation function. It’s certainly puzzling.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find perfectly adequate table-creating solution.

Create and manage your data tables without any efforts using WordPress Data Table Generator. Easy to use and fresh styling data table plugin allows you to insert custom CSS and render charts from table data! Paging, sorting, searching, export and import, font and color customization and more options which you need, are all in one superb Data Tables by Supsystic plugin!

Data Table by Supsystic is perfectly capable to extend table functionality to your WordPress site. Take a closer look at all Data Table Examples