Pagination Feature

Do your tables have a huge load of content, where is you can be easily lost?

You should seriously consider numbering your data tables to make it easier for readers to browse.

Data Table Generator can help to create simple, effective, and useful pagination for your website. All you need to do is enable Pagination Feature and the plugin takes care of the rest.

When you add pagination, readers need not search through never ended lines of content. Instead, they can click directly on the necessary page.

Data Product Generator with a Pagination feature provides users with better navigation on the website, increasing the user experience for your visitors.


For some cases, you need to compress table to an exact number of rows or choose the number of rows yourself. Pagination option of Data Table Generator can easily manage with such kind of requests. This function allows minimizing table without removing data and divide table on digital pages, which you can see and click on if it’s demanded.

Why You Should Use Data Table Generator with Pagination feature?

There’s more than one reason why you should add pagination to the tables:

  • Optimization. All your tables may not load at the same time, making your website faster, thus speed up your load time and optimize your website.
  • User Experience. When we have a large table of data or products, etc, it makes sense not to display all of the entries at once. By providing smaller chunks of info to the user, you help them to read the page easier, and ensure that he will focus on the important parts of the page (f.e. call to actions).
  • Control. With pagination, you can easily keep a track of how much content you’ve consumed. It provides a sense of control when the user is aware of the number of results available and determines if what they’re looking for is there or not.  Or for example, reading a long report, you can easily go back to page 1, link 3 even if you are on page 11. Additionally, knowing how many pages of results enables the user to estimate how much time it would take to go through the results.

Data Tables Plugin by Supsystic is perfectly capable to extend table functionality for your website. Have a look at all Examples and features of Data Table Generator and take advantage of them.