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We offer you to create a beautiful, responsive and highly converting pricing table in less than 5 minutes with Price Table plugin for WordPress by Supsystic. No coding required – you just need to install it and choose the one you like. Plugin makes everything for you, the last task would be to insert shortcode into your site page, blog or any other WordPress solution.

Gorgeous price table template will make your site beautiful, attractive and even inspiring – your customers can stay with you! Increase the conversion rate of the sales on your site – each customer can by your service or product. Just create a price table, which can give your guests most of info in an easy way and in a bright variant!


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Pricing Table Plugin


Checking our price table template of WordPress plugin you can change it whatever you like and adapt it for your own needs and requirements. Put your price lists in our bright, designed templates and increase the level of customers visiting. We suppose that after or before installing our plugin you have other questions or want to look through the other templates of Price Table. Check out all the info and our forums on the main page of WordPress Price Table Plugin. Price Table is a responsive and one of the easiest plugins that we have created to create easy columns quickly. It gives you an access to all themes, templates, premium technical support, perpetual updates, and layered files. Just but it and find the download link in your private cabinet and add the olugin to the admin panel of your WordPress site creation.

Price table template it’s a thing – you need obviously! Running an eCommerce site selling one or a range of products with some options, you should consider picking en effective pricing table that would be clearly usable and help you boost conversions in no time.

Statistics shows that simpler pricing sells the best. Modern customers don’t read, they skim. If your pricing page is easy to understand and doesn’t feature any unnecessary stuff, it’s likely to improve your conversions. What is more, the pricing should be easy to compare. Alongside with providing users with the cost of one specific item, offer them a couple of alternatives. Once they see the most appropriate offer, they won’t hesitate adding it to the cart. So that the Pricing table template for several services at once make your Pricing list one the most among others! Choose the solution, which works!