Single and double opt-in

Sometimes it may be different for a newbie in marketing to distinguish single opt-in from double opt-in. So, what are the differences between this definitions?

single opt-in

  • Single Opt-in

People get to your email list after filling the registration form.  It’s much better than opt-out method, cause it excludes automated subscription, but there is one problem with this one too – somebody can use your email and subscribe you to a newsletter you don’t even know about – f.e. your husband, sister, clever talking parrot, etc. So, people may become frustrated after receiving letters they didn’t give their permission on, and send complaints on you with wishing to add you to spam filters.

  •  Double Opt-in

When somebody wants to get subscribed to your newsletter, you’re sending him confirmation email. This person should click on received link to confirm their will to be involved in this business. Using this way of subscription, people won’ blame you in spamming and one more important nuance is that only interested auditory will receive your letter, and response rate will be much higher, what will positively affect your business.

How To Choose:

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How to Configure Double Opt-In and Single Opt-In in Popup Plugin:

Once you’ve decided which of the two options is right for you, you’ll need to configure, which kind of subscription you’d like to use. Check this box, if you want to use double opt-in, or deselect it to choose single opt-in.


There is no right or wrong answer. Look at your audience and go with your first instinct. You can always switch it later so don’t be afraid to try both and compare results.