Watermark Feature

Watermark – it is a very useful PRO feature that helps you to protect your photos from theft and make them unique on the Internet.

When you share pictures on the website – you can place a watermark on your images or avoid it.

Advantages you can get from placing watermarks:

  • Customers see the website’s name or logo on a picture and it surely increases brand awareness and even citation.
  • Sometimes your content is shared or used by other resources, especially, when it is coming to images. So in order to ensure basic protection of your content, you can place watermarks.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time to set this feature, because it was created for everybody. Find Watermark Tab at the Main Properties of your gallery and Go! If something stops you, look more details about Watermark options.

Besides, with the help of simple instruction on how to create such amazing Gallery with Watermarks, you will manage in minutes.



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