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Supsystic offer the best WordPress GDPR compliance plugin that helps to create a custom popup, which fits your site theme.

GDPR Compliance


GDPR Compliance Plugin

Make your WordPress Website GDPR compliant in easy way!

Create your custom popup, which fits your site theme, using various options and design settings. Define the kind of Agreements that you need, set and place it on website anywhere.

Create GDPR popup for Cookie Consent and block all cookies, content and 3rd party resources until cookie consent is given.

Get this plugin right away and make your website fit the GDPR!

GDPR Compliance Plugin

GDPR Compliance Plugin

Why use Supsystic plugins?

Works fine with any WordPress theme

Conditions for cookies and scripts

Supports your own scripts

GDPR Compliance properties
User friendly Builder
Fully customizable
Define Unique Consents
Popup Location
Mobile Friendly
Block Content Option
Hide decline button
Simple cookie policy popup
Enable Cookie Notification
Auto-Hide on Delay
Enable and customize Show Again Tab
Output as Bar or PopUp
Customizable Backgroung, Border, Buttons and Text Color
Appearance Animation Effects
Button or Link Styles for "Accept"
Save and Reject Cookies options
Customizable Privacy Policy
Output as Bar or PopUp
Ability to add your own scripts
Conditions for cookies usage and scripts loading
What should I do to install your plugin?
 To start your work with GDPR plugin, please, check this Getting started with GDPR Plugin tutorial for detailed info on installation and setting up.
For what purposes do I use your plugin?
Here is a short list of what does our plugin do:
  1. Assists website and web shop owners to comply with GDPR.
  2. Provide lots of settings for popup design.
  3. Add the popup on your website, informing the users about defined privacy and cookie policy.
  4. Allow to display the popup with two options: decline or accept the cookie tracking.
Will my site be 100% GDPR compliant if I install this plugin?
No. At this point, it is impossible to say what makes a site 100% compliant with GDPR or not, because the regulation is not specific on technical solutions.
 Does this plugin block all cookies?
 Yes, we have unique "Block Content" option. The plugin will erase all cookies that were been saved by third-party scripts every time, until the user will give the consent. This solution corresponds to the requirements of the GDPR by 100%. More information about it you can find in article Block Content/Cookies/3rd part Resources.