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    Hello I asked about why the layout of the tables on my site was not same as in Preview.

    I gave you admin access and you said you were fixing it about a week ago

    Are you working on it?

    Why would it be different? On the site its all white and poorly laid out, almost scrambled.

    So I do not see if changing anything in the settings would help?

    Many thanks for your help



    In preview this looks fine but on the site its a mess.

    Does anyone know what the issue could be?

    I’ve checked using other themes too, doesnt help..

    Many thanks



    Hi @nicknorvell

    We have fixed the issue. Please check it now –
    The problem was caused by conflict with styles of your theme.



    Many thanks!

    There were 2 tables actually..would it be possible to look at the second on too?

    Maybe more tricky as it contains Paypal buttons too

    all the best



    Hi @nicknorvell

    The best variant for you is to use Horizontal scroll of Responsive Mode option
    on the Main Settings Tab – – and don’t forget to Save changes.

    Also please note, that your table has many empty rows and columns, which you can delete.



    Many thanks. it looks a lot better..I have also tried using a smaller Paypal button. Is it possible to make the table use more of the page width and/or reduce column widths so that the user does not need to see a scroll?? many thanks


    Hi @nicknorvell

    Most likely it is because of your PayPal buttons.
    Please, check it’s size in px, it must be 125px or 17,8%
    to make your table smaller than now and suit the content width.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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