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    WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin – Easily arrange your photos and videos with the Photo Gallery plugin by Supsystic.


    How to Create Image WordPress Gallery

    For questions, please contact us via the Support form or for general questions in this thread.



    I upgraded to WordPress 6.2.2 and Gallery 1.15.12 / GalleryPro 2.9.8
    I no longer have “Download” button in my galeries: any clue ?
    Thank in advance




    Hello, @palbert337
    Thank you for contacting us regarding your question.
    We answered you in the created ticket through the form.
    I was looking forward to more details from you.




    I have a photo gallery with “hover effect” with another image and “load more” button.
    But when I click to “load more” the second image is not shown for the photos uploaded subsequently.

    How can I resolve this bug?

    Thank u.



    Hi! I’m trying to figure out if Photo Gallery is what I need. So far it works fine, but I can’t find the option to set the caption to 100% (that is have the transparent screen cover the entire image with text in the center). Is this possilbe only with the pro version? And if not, could you point me to where I’ll find the setting?)




    I have some beautiful galleries on my website but for some reason, some thumbnail photos are not the right sizes. They looked squished. When you click into the gallery and view them in Lightbox they look perfect. Can anyone help? We feel like we have tried everything and this is a huge problem for us.



    I have submitted tickets multiple times via the form, but have not received a reply.

    I am using Photo Gallery plugin. I have a hover image setuup for each team member. When the page initially loads, the images are all distorted. Once you click a sorting option tho, they all load in at the proper size and look correct. How can i fix this distortion issue?

    here is the page: https://r80.b60.myftpupload.com/about-us/
    I have sent my logins and license key to you via email multiple times, so you should already have that.

    Thank you for your help


    Jason Earrame

    I have a current license for photo gallery but I cant get software updates. it says “Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.”



    I have a current Pro version license for the photo gallery and have hundreds of photos with linked images. Recently the linked images stopped working and I cannot figure out why. I have attempted to redo a few and it looks like it takes but then doesnt appear when you view the gallery. All software has been updated. Any ideas?



    Please write to https://supsystic.com/contact-us/ with additional info. We will open a new ticket for you. After which our developer will be able to study your problem.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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