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    After my free plugins gallery, data table and slider stopped working some month ago, I have now bought the pro versions of gallery and data table as well as the digital publishing plugin.

    After installing digital publishing, I am still being asked to install the free version. I did that, but the message remains. I also can’t find a program call in the sidebar or wherever.

    It’s really bad when I want to install Pro-Gallery or Pro-Data Table. The last free versions are also required here. But as soon as I install it, my complete website is paralyzed and the error message appears:

    Class ‘Twig_SupTwg_SimpleFunction’ not found

    Because of this problem I would have bought the PRO versions.
    I paid $ 90 and can’t use anything!!!
    Now I feel a bit confused.



    Our PRO addons have always required a free version.
    It is the base for the PRO addon.
    The error you are reporting says that the class required for the plugin was not found.
    Most likely you are trying to install the old PRO version on the new Free one.
    Uninstall Free and PRO versions.
    Replace them with the latest releases and then report the result.



    Der Fehler trat schon auf, als ich nur die kostenlosen Versionen updaten wollte und noch gar keine Pro Versionen verwendete.

    Wenn ich die kostenlosen Versionen entferne, sind dann auch die bisher in diesen Versionen erfassten Tabellen und Galerien verloren?
    Das sollte keinesfalls passieren !!!!



    Alle Daten werden in der Datenbank gespeichert. Wenn Sie das Plugin entfernen, wird die Datenbank nicht bereinigt.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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