Caption Builder of Photo Gallery Plugin

May 30, 2017Photo Gallery Plugin

Caption Builder of Photo Gallery Plugin

Gallery by Supsystic plugin provides WordPress webmasters with advanced tools for creation, development and customization of awesome portfolios, galleries and images grids.

Supsystic Team developed for you Caption Builder which offers wide opportunities for customization of images caption. You can make your gallery really catchy and responsive to user’s action. This is a very valuable PRO feature for your website if overall appearance and design is meaningful to you.

Set up background settings, choose the effects for images in gallery on hovering. One more pros of the tool is the fact you can make your gallery mobile-friendly which is useful as most of the Internet traffic today is brought by mobile devices. There are many options available for customization. For example, check up this responsive gallery.

It looks much better than just steady gallery without any effects taking place. Moreover you can adjust individual effects for any of the images in the gallery. Check the example below, with personal caption effects and “image on hover” effect for the last image in the gallery.

Add caption, description for your images and adjust the appearance of these information. With caption builder you are able to set the location, font, font style and font size, specify the paddings for youe caption/description text. Shows custom icons on the images with different actions – video, link or popup image. Creative design and effects of icons will attract the attention of your readers.

Caption Builder of Supsystic Gallery plugin allows you to make very origial and good-looking galleries on your website. Try it with PRO version of Photo Gallery Plugin.

You definitely want your gallery to look ideal. Demands to content quality grows exponentially on the permanent basis and it is very hard to attract and impress visitors with beautiful picture itself. It also has to be responsive, informative and well-packed. Gallery caption builder offers you much more options for configuring than basic settings. Read more information about new Caption tools in Gallery Documentation.

Enjoy more beautiful examples of Gallery by Supsystic and welcome to plugin page, there you will be able to upgrade your opportunities.

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