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Collect emails, get social likes while your website is under construction

Apr 29, 2016

Social Like

Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Make Your Blog Search Engine Optimized WordPress is a versatile platform that you can use for almost anything. But to take full advantage of its potential, you must use some plugins. Are you looking for the best WordPress SEO plugins? If so, then this is the right article for you. Do you want to increase your average order value and turn visitors into customers?

under construction page You aren’t quite ready launch your site, but you want to get something up anyway? We have an awesome solution for you! An attractive Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon page will be the best option in your case! The first thing you need to do after registering a new domain is enable Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon page or Under Construction mode for your site. Not only does this look professional, but it allows you to start building your newsletter subscriber list and get social likes and shares. Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon by Supsystic offers you show a live countdown to your launch date, it’s your first step in warming up potential visitors for your new site while you finalize it. Let’s briefly outline the main requirements to Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon page:

  • Match your branding. Your Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon content should be in keeping with the rest of your overall offering in terms of design while still being capable of highlighting specific features you want to stress.
  • Help capture leads. You’ll almost certainly want an integrated form prominently displayed on your page to encourage visitors to sign up for launch notifications.
  • Encourage social sharing. Getting permission to contact visitors post-launch is step one in building buzz, but you’ll also want easy to integrate options for people to share news of your site socially.

Our WordPress Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon plugin totally corresponds to all these items. You can easily customize the Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon page using collection of nice templates and drag-and-drop builder with tons of options. We offer you completely customizable and responsive Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon design. Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon Plugin includes launch page background, logo, different fonts, social buttons, sliders, subscription option. Countdown helps you to add a timer for informing visitor when your site come back again. No programming skills required for working with our solution. Supsystic Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon Plugin provides different templates of blocks using which you can divide your Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon on different sections, such as – Home, About Us, Subscribe, Contact. Check out below several examples of our Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon Page Templates. Click on the image and you will be redirected to a new tab with “Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon” demo.

Enjoy all Maintenance Mode / Coming Soone Soon Templates of our plugin for your website. In addition to the Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon page mode – there are also such Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon modes by Supsystic –

  • Redirect to URL – It’s simply but useful mode. When customers come to your page that not ready yet – them will be redirect to page what you put in Redirect URL cell. Also in this mode you can choose Exclude URLs – pages where this redirect won’t works.
  • 503 Header Response – this mode really easy too. Just hide your pages in this mode and you users will see just error in their browser. Of course, in this mode you also can use Exclude URLs.

Choose professional Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon template and edit content with drag-and-drop builder to show your visitors that you website is under construction or maintenance mode. Collect emails, get social followers. Launch page becomes easy with Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon by Supsystic!

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