How to backup all tables I have created?

Exploring Data Tables by Supsystic, you have ability to make a backup of all your tables you have created by our plugin. To do it, follow next steps:

  1. Open the phpMyAdmin
  2. Open the database of your site
  3. Open the Export tab
  4. On the Export tab:
    • select the backup method: Standard (display all possible settings)
    • select tables for export: wp_supsystic_tbl_columns, wp_supsystic_tbl_diagrams, wp_supsystic_tbl_rows, wp_supsystic_tbl_tables (that is, all the tables with “supsystic_tbl” in the title)
    • check the option “Add expression DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT” in the “Object creation parameters” section
    • other options can be left unchanged
  5. Click “OK” to create a backup file
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