Lightbox with Full-size Images

Beside texts and numbers you can add multimedia files to the Data tables. Plugin supports videos, images and links. It can be useful you want to diversify your table and make it beautiful and informative.

So, you can insert the image into a cell, but also display it in full size, using the Lightbox option.

In order to enable this feature, move to the Settings tab -> Appearance and check “Lightbox”:


So, if you click on image in cell – it will open in Lightbox in full-size format. Try it here:

Plugin Description Example
Popup plugin Create elegant popups with Subscription Forms, Facebook Like, Option and Social locks, Contact Forms, Slider and more.
Photo Gallery plugin Perform your best ideas, making delightful presentations or photo and video galleries.
Data Table Generator Make data table responsive, sorting, pagination, filtering with graphs and charts.
Google Maps Easy Display custom Google Maps. Set markers and locations with text, images, categories and links.

We recommend you to use more Data Tables Generator features in order to involve more customers and draw attention to your table.

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