What does Google Charts option allow to do?

With Diagrams feature (PRO option) of Data Tables Generator you can easily visualise all the necessary information just in few clicks of the mouse. Nothing special is needed – no programming skills, no time consuming efforts. If your table is ready and is filled with the content, just a few simple steps and the charts and graphs will be displayed wherever you want. Plus, with the new improved options you can customize your diagrams even better.

So, what options are contained in the new improved Diagrams feature? Here is the full list of options:

  1. Select the type for your charts:
    • Area chart
    • Line chart
    • Pie chart
    • Bar chart
    • Column chart
    • Bubble chart

Check all examples of charts here.

  1. Customize the display of rows and columns:
    • Switch rows/columns
    • Use the first row as labels
    • Use the first column as headers
  2. Set the size for your diagrams:
    • Define the width (in px or %)
    • Define the height (in px or %)

If you don’t specify “px or %”, then size will be rendered in px by default.

  1. Select the legend position – a concise explanation of the symbols used in a chart:
    • No legend
    • Above the chart
    • Below the chart
    • Left of the chart
    • Right of the chart
  2. Set the title for:
    • The whole diagram
    • Axis X
    • Axis Y
  3. Use custom colors.

Here you can set a specific color for each line.

Moreover, even if you update tables info after creating of Diagrams, they will be automatically updated by the plugin. You don’t need to create a new diagram each time.

Check it by yourself! Here is the table which has editable fields in “Average level of happiness” column. Change any value, click “Enter”, refresh the page and the below chart will change as well.

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Check other examples of Charts.

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