How to use Path Router option

This is an easy way to build routes between different points, choose a travel mod, optimize the path by Google solution of the traveling salesperson problem, or select your order of the route.

How It Works:
1) Choose a starting point.
2) Select the endpoint of the route. Specify the starting point if the route must return to the starting position.
3) Add the required number of waypoints and descriptions for them.
4) Click the build route.
5) Click save the route.
6) Past shortcode on a specific page.


Problem: Title & Description from text fields not displayed after (building a route/saving) a route on a map route.
Solution: Specify the address without apartments, offices, or floors, and try to put a waypoint within a radius of several meters..

Problem: Route building does not work, and errors occur in the developer console..
Solution: Check that your Google Maps API key supports the “Google Geocoder API” and “Google Directions API”.


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