Main Settings

To adjust sending regularity in every Newsletter, firstly, create new one or open an existing one. In the Main Tab you can see “When to send” section. Here is possible to choose delivery time for every Newsletter in two sections:

  1. “Immediately” means that sending will begin right after you have pressed “Start sending” button.
  2. “New content arrived” is made especially for dynamic content. When you add new information to the site and want your subscribers be aware of it with Newsletter. Plugin allows to set next sending configurations:
    • “Immediately” means that sending will begin right after you have pressed “Start sending” button. Further, as soon you update the content, its sending will be started.
    • If you want to sent letters every day in special time – “Daily” will help you, just choose suitable time.
    • If it’s needed to begin delivery every week, please choose the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday and time of the day in the “Weekly” zone.

To notify your subscribers every month on “Monthly”, set the number and time of the day.

Newsletter Main Tab Settings

Further, as soon you update the content, its sending  will be started accordingly to the concrete Newsletter sending settings.

Speaking about Analytics section, if you tick “Enable open email tracking”, after sending Newsletter you will be able to see how many letter have been sent. If you agree for “Enable click tracking”, then statistic will display you the quantity of subscribers who has opened the letter; how many of them have opened the letter more than once; how many times the letters links have been followed.

Don’t forget to save settings.

To find Statistics go to Newsletters page -> Action column -> click the picture with graph.

With Send Options tab you can customize the letter with your Newsletter –

  • Subject of your Newsletter email.
  • Send From Name parameter in your Newsletter.
  • Send From Email in your Newsletter.
  • Reply To Name parameter.
  • Reply To Email
  • Return Path Email – email address where delivery error messages are sent by mailing systems (eg. mailbox full, invalid address, …).
  • Send Test Email – to check that everything is working as it should.

Recipients tab includes –

  • Subscribe Lists to send to – select lists of Subscribers that will receive your Newsletter.

Total recipients Count – by changing Subscribers lists in the field above, recipients quantity will be changed too.

Also you have the ability to Clone your newsletter – click on the Clone button on the top, enter the name and click OK.

Newsletter Clone button

On the Newsletters tab at left navigation menu of Newsletter plugin will appear copy of this form.

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