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Main Settings

You can create a beautiful, responsive and even highly converting Pricing Table in less than 5 minutes with the help of Pricing Table plugin by Supsystic. Even no coding required.

After you have created your first Pricing Table, you have a table settings. As you can see on the screenshot – the wide range of different options will help you to make the Pricing Table up to your requirements.

Main Settings Pricing Tables

The first columns helps you with graphical part: number of columns, place, font etc

  • Columns – the number of columns you will have in your Pricing Table. Click “Add Column” button to increase it
  • Rows – vise versa the number of rows in the new Pricing Table. “Add Row” button helps to add more of them
  • Table Widthset table width. In this case the width for each column will be calculated as width of whole table divided on total columns number. You have two types of adjustments in percent or px
  • Column Width – Set width for each column. Total table width in this case will be calculated as sum of all your columns width. Set it in px
  • Fontchoose the font for your table. You can always set other font for any text element using text editor tool. Just click on text  and start editing it! By the way, you can see the result of your efforts below the table
  • Table Align – choose the place (left, center, right, none), where you want to set the table in the page

The second column is about colors of the future design. Choose it by clicking on the “Water drop”

  • Description Text Color – set the text color for table columns description element. You can always specify text color for any text element inside your table using the text editor
  • Header Text Color – set the text color for table columns header element. You can always specify text color for any text element inside table using text editor on the preview table.
  • Background Color – set the common background color for table
  • Rows Text Color – set the common text color for table. You can always specify text color for any text element inside table using text editor
  • Disable Custom Tooltip Styles – tip it to disable supsystic styles for your pricing table tooltip

The third and fourth columns of options are dedicated to enabling of different details. Choose the option by clicking the box

  • Enable Description Column – add an additional description column into table. You can add there descriptions for your rows
  • Enable Footer Row – hide footer row in all columns. Usually it is the last row in the table
  • Enable Hover Animation – animate column when the mouse is hovering on it. Will work ONLY on frontend, disabled in admin area WySiWyg editor as it can break it in edit mode. The results of changes you can see below the table settings  
  • Enable Head Row – hide or enable head row in all columns. Usually it is the first row in table
  • Enable Description Row – hide/enable description row in all column
  • Enable Responsivitywhen the device screen is small (mobile device or some tablets) usually table will go into responsive mode: all columns will be shown one-by-one below each other. But if you need to disable this feature, you can do this with this option. This feature influences only on frontend table view
  • Text Align – set text align in table: left, center, right

Afterall you have additional options for editing your table on the first line below the settings table. The buttons allow you to make such functions:

  • Preview – check how your table looks on the page before saving
  • Save – to store the changes you have made
  • Change Template – you can change the main design and template of the Pricing table. Just choose another you like
  • Edit CSS – if you have knowledge of CSS and feel comfortable,  change the CSS code of the tool
  • Clone – you can clone the whole design of your table and make a kind of training with your attempts
  • Delete – if the table doesn’t correspond your needs, delete the whole design and remove the table by one clicking

Also look through Settings Tab bellow. It allows you to:

  • Send usage statistics – this will help us to generate better solutions for your in the future
  • Enable promo link – easy for you, very helpful for us
  • User with such role can use plugin – Choose administrator, editor, author, contributor or subscriber
  • Disable autosave in Pricing Table

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Settings Tab

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