Remove Lines Above & Under The Table

To remove lines above and uder the table, which are belong to Header and Footer of your Data Tables.

Before Above and Under Line

For this follow the next:

  1. Go to the table you need and open it inside your WordPress admin area
  2. Find CSS tab and insert there:
  3. #supsystic-table-1 thead th,
    #supsystic-table-1 thead td,
    #supsystic-table-1 tfoot th,
    #supsystic-table-1 tfoot td {
    border-bottom: none;

    Where – supsystic-table-1 – 1 is the number of your table id

    After Above and Under Line

    In the case you want to erase only one line –

    • #supsystic-table-1 thead th, thead td {
      border-bottom: none;

      — Will remove the upper line only
    • And this code will remove only the bottom line

      #supsystic-table-251 {
      border-bottom: none;

  4. And click Save
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