“Table doesn’t exist” error

In this article we will tell you about some variants of problems with “table doesn’t exist” error and the way how it can be fixed.

  1. The plugin was incorrectly installed.

    In this case the table could not be created in the database.

    Access to the database is limited by its settings.


    • Remove access restrictions to the database during installation of the plugin.
    • Check the access rights for the user, from which the WordPress connects to the database.
    • Check all the settings of working with the database in wp-config.php file. There can be set restrictions too.


  3. The database has been changed manually.

    • If there is no backup of database from which you can do restore – you need to reinstall the plugin.


  5. The database was moved to another host or was incorrectly restored from the backup.

    There was an error during the replace / restore and the backup was not completely processed.

    There aren’t all data of tables in the backup.


    • Correctly restore database from backup.

If you still have some questions, contact us via internal support or check if your problem has already been resolved on our forum.

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