How to use HTML elements in the table?

1. Open DataTable Editor.

2. Select a cell and start typing. In a cell, type html code.
For example: <input type="submit" value="Download Now" >

That will give us download button

  • Another variant of use of html elements is easy and fast generating of hyperlink:

<a href=””>Data Tables Generator</a>

  • Or changing a color of text:

<p style=”color:red;”>PopUp Generator</p>

WordPress Tables Plugin

3. Click “Save”

WordPress Data Table Generator supports HTML code, so you can use any of html elements in your tables. You can also use additional CSS in special CSS editor to make your tables even more attractive and fulfilled with options.

You can check other examples of tables generated with our plugin by following this link, or contact our support service in case you have any additional questions, which weren’t highlighted in this or other FAQ articles.


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