Adding video to the Data Table via WP media library

Data Table by Supsystic increases the table functionality to your WordPress website and provides the video support for Data Tables.

It’s cool, because Data Tables Generator allows users to display not only images and links, but attract visitors attention with videos in high quality, full width and best design as well.

Add great video resources to the table and make it unique just with simple steps:

  1. Open Editor tab in the table settings.
  2. Select the cell for adding video.
  3. Click Insert Media button.add video instruction
  4. Choose Media File from Media library or upload file.

Video will be added to the cell. To set the size of cell with a video, you can click on it and edit <video controls> in f(?) row, put the value. f.e:  <video controls width=”220″ height=”140″>

Video support for tables is a valuable advantage for any kinds of websites: business, blog or entertainment pages.

Create your own video table and check another awesome examples and solutions to display Data Tables in the best way.


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