Forcing line wrap in Polaroid captions

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    Is there any way to force a line wrap in the caption text when using the Polaroid layout option so that each image can have a common look format for the caption text? As an example, photos might have 3 items in the caption being “Day of week”, “Time of day” and “Location” and the length of those fields will be different due to say Monday being a shorter word than Saturday so for a single string of text with auto line wrapping, the point where the text goes to a new line changes according to what is in the text string. Is there some command or tag or something that can be inserted into the caption text that tells the gallery to force a line wrap at the point it is required, in the same way that say a </br> HTML command forces a new line of text.
    This is to allow a caption to be formatted to look like the following…
    – 1st image caption
    Place: Beach Falls
    Day: Monday
    Time: 8AM

    – 2nd image caption
    Place: Waterfront Blvd
    Day: Thursday
    Time: 10PM
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.


    Hello @smonline
    If I understood you right, to realize such view please follow:
    1. Move to Images List and enter needed Caption in format:
    <p> Place: Beach Falls </p>
    <p> Day: Monday</p>
    <p> Time: 8AM</p>
    2. Open Properties and choose Captions Tab
    3. Enable Captions and adjust it’s appearance as you wish
    4. Don’t forget to save changes



    That was sort of what I wanted although using<p> tags leaves too big a gap between the fields but your reply made me realise that some HTML tags will actually work in the captions string so I tried it with </br> tags and voila, exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the tip.


    Hello @smonline

    No problems, it’s always a big pleasure to help our users.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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