Gallery for mobile – further setup possible?

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    Hi again,

    yesterday I tested my page on a smartphone and would be glad if You could help me tweak the settings for mobile.
    On a monitor I have my gallery as ‘Fixed’ and the images are 210px x 210px (square) with 10px distance between eachother. There are 5 images in the width (Full width option is disabled). If the person, viewing the page clicks an image, a popup appears, showing the pic in full size. And that’s how I want it to be.
    link:A Gallery on my page
    Viewing the gallery on mobile however, brings up very small image thumbnails and clicking on them pops up a very small image also. (You can test it, using the link above). It’s not an issue of Your plugin, I guess, but still – as the gallery is the most important part of my page as a freelancer – could You tell me how I could make it work, that for the Gallery on mobile:
    a./ the images use the whole width of the screen (in that case I could just disable the popup in the Gallery options) or
    b./ the popop that opens (when the viewer clicks on an image), goes in fullscreen mode

    Thanks in advance again!



    I found a post here in the forum (link), where You stated, that using 100% on gallery width will solve the problem (and it really did!), but I already have this option set…


    Hi @info282054

    Thank you for contacting us about your question.

    Your issue was redirected to our developer. I will inform you about the progress.


    Hi @info282054

    We will make a new popup theme to look perfect on mobiles in one of the next versions of the plugin.
    I will inform you about the update.



    Thanks. So, I’d better let the galleries the way they are and wait for an update?
    Maybe, for now, I’ll just make new galleries, using full width option and bigger image previews, so they show up good on smarthphones and tablets. When You’ve made the update You could just inform me and I’ll try it out.

    Bye and have a nice day!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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