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    The gallery is not loading on my website, all that is shown is the loading icon. Both my site developer, InMotionHosting, and I have run the recommended troubling shooting, and no issues were found with other plug-ins. We have also both reached out to Supsystic, but at this point, no one from the company has responded. The gallery is an integral part of my site, as it is used to show potential clients previous work by my company. I would therefore appreciate someone reaching out to me, or InMotionHosting, in order to resolve this matter promptly.





    Thank you for contacting us regarding your issue!
    The problem is most likely related to the LazyLoad option.
    The new WP 5.8 has its own version of LazyLoad and it conflicts with ours.
    Try to disable the option in our gallery.
    You can found this option in Main Setting and tab LazyLoad.
    Please clear all website’s caches and browser’s cache before checking results.
    Afterwards let us know about the result.
    If this wan’t help –
    Please contact us through our
    internal support.
    We will help you to solve the problem.




    This is InMotion with a follow-up. It does appear those troubleshooting steps were followed, but unfortunately did not resolve the issue. It may be important to note that when an attempt is made to preview each gallery behind the dashboard, we get an “Oops, that page can not be found” error. Images do show up when viewing the “Image List” however.



    Unfortunately, turning off the Supsystic lazy load causes massive webpage loads once graphics get up to 50 or so thumbnails .

    This makes the plugin utility unusable – and creates a lot of work offloading images to another plugin.

    Do you have a better fix for this problem yet?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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