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    Hautclocq Virginie

    Hello team supsystic,
    I’m a new user, thank you for creating such great gallery pluging ! The plugin is very convinient, but i met some problems :
    1- I have created one gallery with many photos so i buy the pro version in order to use pagination, that is perfect. But, i want to use the gallery loader on the same gallery, and problem is that the gallery loader is located just above the pagination, what is not very pretty. Can i move the position of the gallery loader bellow ?

    2- I’ve created another gallery in the same page, i want create linked images, i tried and it actually works. But in the gallery popup, the thumbnail of the first picture is not displayed correctly (the photo is shown but not the thumbnail). I wonder in the same time if it’s possible to not show the first picture that we already see before opening popup ? (I mean if i want to show only linked images by clicking but not the very first one where we click)
    One more question : is that possible to make that the thumbnails in the linked images gallery popup were not see-through ? It’s seems not very clear to see them. If i change the transparency of the back it change nothing (i’m not shure trasparency works in fact)

    You can check ma page to understand or ask me more questions if my english is not perfect ;)

    Thank you, best regards



    Hello Ninie,
    as for a loader – in one of the next versions we will fix this issue and it would be under the pagination, while the images are downloaded.
    As for the second issue, unfortunately, now it’s working only like this, but we are planning to change this option. the only thing we can advice you to use in the 6th theme of popup in gallery and it will automatically hide the linked images.

    I hope I’ve helped you.


    Hello Ninie!
    We have released new versions of plugin with fixes for you. Please update the both versions of gallery plugin and check the issue with loader.


    Hautclocq Virginie

    Hello !
    I just saw your message. I update the version of gallery plugin but nothing has changed (you can check here ), What do you mean “both versions”? I use the 2.4.2 version of photo gallery, but i don’t see any other plugin to update, may be you mean the pro version ?
    Thank you :)


    Hello Ninie!

    Yes, I meant that you need to update free and pro version of plugin. Also after updating please clear the cache and check it again. If you still will have problems with loader, please let us know.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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