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    Bryan Avery

    Where do I find information on how to create heat maps. I’ve looked over this site and can’t find any documentation on Heat Maps

    My current map does not look very good, especially around the heat map area




    Hello B_avery!
    As for your question – you need to install the Pro version of the plugin and there you will easily find the insert “Heatmap Layer”. There would be options for setting the radius and opacity, points etc. Look on the printscreen how does this insert look like http://prntscr.com/b51ykn


    Bryan Avery

    I have the pro version.

    But this screen does not give me any information on how it works or what everything means.

    For example I can’t seem to get my maps looking like the example provided on the website:



    Bryan Avery

    I’m still not sure about heatmaps, however it was Clasterization that I was trying to perform and it does not appear to be using the icons I set.

    Also can you use different colours depending on the number of clasterization there are?



    Hello B-avery,
    ok now I cathed, that your problem is connected to Clasterization. First of all you need to upgrade your Google Maps to the last version and then go to the Settings page, find there Clasterization directory and Icon options. there you got insert icon and default. Choose the default one. Save and refresh the page.
    If you still got the problem, please, contact our support team!


    Bryan Avery

    I have

    Version 1.5.8 of Google Maps Easy
    Version Version 1.2.0 of Google Maps Easy PRO version.

    I have checked under Settings and I don’t have an option for Clasterization directory and Icon options

    I just have:

    Send usage statistics
    Enable promo link
    User role can use plugin

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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