Setting for image in one gallery affect other gallery

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    Paula Gibbs

    Hi. I have sent my question through your contact form but all I have received is a request for a link to the page which was already in my original question. I responded twice to your email explaining the issue and have not gotten a response.

    I have multiple galleries that contain the same image. So, for example, I have Image-A in two different galleries (Gallery-1 and Gallery-2). I want the images in each gallery to behave differently. Gallery-1 the images should open to a new page link. Gallery-2 the images should open to a pop-up.

    The problem is each time I add the link to image Image-A in Gallery-1, it adds the link to Image-A in Gallery-2. If I delete the link in Gallery-2, it deletes the link in Gallery-1.

    Is this just the way your gallery works or is there a setting I am missing?



    Hello paula,
    unfortunately today our plugin works the next way:if you upload the image and use it in our gallery with caption or link, and then use it in the second gallery – all the addition (links etc) will be added in the second gallery also.
    So what we can offer you now is just to make double of all your images

    We will make the updation for this function and definitely inform you about it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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