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    I use your plugin overhere :

    Everything is working fine, but how can i get off the small thumbnails of pictures once the gallery is launched ?

    Also, is it possible somewhere the translate, the next, previous, close buttons ?

    Thanks and regards



    As for the second question, in one of the future versions of the plugin we will add files for translation and you will be able to make it manually without any code touching. We will tell you, when we make a new version.
    1. Please, change the file with the path /gallery-supsystic/src/GridGallery/Galleries/assets/js/frontend.js after the line of the code changepicturecallback: function(element){, put the next code $(“.pp_gallery”).hide();+

    But please, be careful, when you make an upgrade of the plugin, you need to put this line each time!

    Thank you very much for questions and if you still have some of them, please, do not hesitate to ask!




    We released a new version, where we added the file of translation. Please update the plugin and check it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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