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    I want people to be able to download the pictures that I uploaded to my gallery. Unfortunately I don’t get an option that says “save … or save as” via right click oder mouse over. I thought that in the “not Pro Version” of the photo gallery plug in the download possibility is default. The only thing that is being downloaded are the screenshots in squares and in low resolution.
    What do I have to do, so that people can download the “full” pictures?
    Thanks for your work
    Birgit from Germany



    I still need help or an answer. Is the pro version the answer? Is it too easy too difficult? Please help!


    Hello Birgit!

    Sorry for late reply. No, Pro version doesn’t have special option to download the pictures. However even in Free version when you hover on image and do the right click -> save link as -> -> pictures are downloaded in their actual size and quality.




    First, congrats for your wordpress plugin :-)

    I have the same issue as Birgit. I CAN download thumbnails from the gallery but I CANNOT download images from the POPUP. I have tried “Right click” with Chrome and Firefox and I can only “download target link” with an HTML extension.

    Is there a specific parameter to download full-sized images ?

    Thank you :-)

    Francois from France


    Hello @fralegall!

    Unfortunately you cannot save images from popup due to the popup structure. In order the popup to look nice – pictures are overlapped by other elements of popup themes, therefore you cannot save them from popup.



    Hello mila,

    is there a way to download the pictures from my website using this plugin ?



    You can download pictures only from thumbnails, but not from a popup window.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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