Best practices for holiday season customer service

Dec 18, 2018
Best practices for Holiday

customer service

Best practices for holiday season customer service

Let’s be honest: on the one hand the holiday season is a great opportunity to boost your sales, launch new creative marketing companies to acquire new customers, and run interesting promotions, but on the other hand, it is also caused of headaches for business. There are a lot of orders that require an effective inventory and shipping management. Moreover, customers seem more demanding cause of stress and a big amount of unfinished deals. There is where a quality customers service becomes even more important than during the whole year. How you can really improve your consumers’ support? Read in our today’s blog post.

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Automate the support processes as maximum as possible

For all people, the holiday season is like the rush hour of the year. This means customers will really appreciate if they get an answer as fast as possible. So, make sure that not only your support team is properly trained but also you did everything you could to facilitate their work. divider

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47% of shoppers want a fast reply to all issues

divider According to recently published study from ICMI, live chat is a leading digital content method. It is preferred by almost 50% of online shoppers. A Live WordPress Chat plugin can really assist in this case. It comes with several useful features:

  • Unlimited agents and chats
  • Convenient plugin builder
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Email notifications
  • Chat history
  • Chat triggers
  • Analyzes and reports.

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Provide customers with all necessary information

In order to facilitate customer service’s department work, make it easy for customers to self-service. Firstly, go to your knowledge base, tutorials, FAQ page and check to ensure they are up-to-date. After that, identify the issues customers ask the most frequently and provide your support team with quick answers tips and links to the documentations. Also, do not forget to remind users about the opportunity to find the answers to their questions themselves.   Bravely insert such information in:

  • In-app notifications
  • Emails
  • Offline chat messages
  • Blog posts.

Inform your support team as well as customers

It is not a secret that the sales are rising during the holidays. Subsequently, a lot of items might be limited and changes become so fast. To not confuse the customers with misleading information, inform your support team about any changes as fast as possible. It is a primary department when we talk about the interactions with users. So, it has to stay only with up-to-date information. The same situation is with consumers. Inform them about a goods’ ending, shipping conditions during the holidays and the support schedule. You can do it through:

  • An offline message in your live chat
  • In-app notifications
  • Social media channels
  • Emails.


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78% shoppers believe happy service can only be possible with good agents and representatives


Motivate your workers

Usually, during the holiday your team is dealing with high work volume. They are even more stressed than customers. So, it is even more important to make their day brighter. Here are some tips:

  • Bring small unexpected gifts (like Christmas cakes)
  • Come up with a game (Christmas cards)
  • Create a good atmosphere in the workplace.

These small actions can foster a sense of value to your team.   Unleash the potential of WordPress plugins as a versatile substitute for your site.

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